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The most versatile and devoted aftermarket diagnostic equipment company.

Customer Support

The Abrites customer support team is represented by a dedicated group of professionals who are always ready to assist those who need help using AVDI and all other Abrites products. Our team is always there and personally involved with any issues you may have.


Abrites products are optimised to work together as a seamless ecosystem: hardware and software products are configured to work together in order to bring you top user experience. Abrites automotive software solutions are updated regularly to meet the expectations of professionals in the automotive aftermarket field.

Training Courses

Another thing that makes us stand out – our training centers allow for groups and individual training with state of the art equipment and accommodation options for our trainees.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Exceptional support for “standard” vehicle diagnostics, not just reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes but also live values, actuator testing and many additional features included in the basic diagnostic package.


An undisputed leader in locksmith equipment for vehicles from across the globe. We are always on the forefront of automotive locksmith development and our support is unsurpassed.

Module Replacement

Our Module Replacement solution is different in the sense that that we allow the freedom to replace not just new modules but also used modules which brings the price for the end customer down and in this way allows our users versatility and advantages others do not have.